The Top 10 IT Companies In London

Information Technology is a rapidly growing sector. Many IT companies are operating in London, one of the most developed cities on the planet. Many start-ups choose this area to launch their ventures and provide services for clients. Let’s take a look at the top ten IT firms in London and learn more about their work models.

Top 10 IT Businesses in London

1. Infinity Group

Infinity Group, a London-based IT company, offers many services such as managed services, business transformation and business applications. This company also offers services for Dynamic 365 applications.

This company is one the Microsoft 200 Gold Partners in Britain. This Infinity Group is one the largest managed services providers in London. This company provides services throughout the UK, including London, Kent Sussex, Gatwick and Crawley.

2. Mustard IT

Mustard IT is a well-known IT support company in the UK. This company provides a variety of IT services such as cloud solutions and network infrastructure. This company is close to many SME companies located in Greater London.

The company also provides IT support and IT consulting services. Mustard IT offers infrastructure services such as router setup, storage device and cabling configuration, backup, and disaster management.

3. Syntax

Syntax Integration is a top-rated IT company in London. The company provides many services such as IT Support & Outsourcing and Office 365 Support. IT Security & Compliance is also offered by Microsoft Azure Services. IT Consulting is available for various industry sectors.

Syntax Integration is a structured and controlled company that reduces risks and delivers the best results for customers.

4. Net Star

Net Star is an IT Company that was founded with the goal of achieving success in technology and innovation in the UK. Net Star offers services such as IT Support in London, Cyber Security and IT Consultancy.

They have worked with large corporate clients all over the UK and around the globe. Net Star offers the best Cyber Security solutions, as online security is a major concern.


EC-MSP, an IT Company, was established in 2002. The MD Roy Castleman founded this company. The company works with small and medium-sized UK businesses to provide the best IT solutions.

This company provides a variety of IT services, including managed IT Services, IT Consultancy and Remote Work Training. It also offers Backup & Disaster Recover, Cloud Computing, Backup & Disaster Recover as well as Network Services and GDPR Consultation to many businesses in the City of London.

6. IT in the Business

IT in Business was founded in 2006. IT in Business is an independent managed IT service provider in London that has more than 15 years experience in this industry. This company is committed to providing the most reliable and effective IT networks for businesses using cloud technology.

Services include Remote Working, Virtual IT Support, Cyber Security Audits and Managed Network Services.

7. Computers in the City

Since more than 20 years, this company has been providing IT Services in London’s City and West End. The company offers remote support to its clients 24/7.

Computers in City provides a variety of IT services, including Managed IT Services (Remote Work Consultancy), IT Security, IT Consultancy and IT Consultancy), IT Security, IT Consultancy and IT Relocation, Cloud Computing Network Services, Telephony Services, and many other in UK.

8. Fitzrovia

Fitzrovia, a London-based IT company, has its own IT Support team. This company offers unlimited IT support until the issue is resolved.

This means that the team’s main goal is to complete the task and produce the desired results. They serve clients around the globe and provide the best IT solutions for clients in London and Globally. They offer services in Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and Infrastructure.

9. HTL London

HTL London was founded in 2009. Justin Dean founded this company. This company was founded to provide IT Consultancy and IT Support services to clients in the financial sector.

This company was founded in 2005 and has since grown to offer a variety of services such as internet connections, email security and domain names, SSL certificates and Cyber Security Solutions. HTL London has many strategic partners, including Symantec and Cisco, HP, IBM, Symantec, Symantec, Symantec, Symantec, Symantec, Symantec, Symantec, Symantec, and Symantec.

10. General Softwares

General Softwares, a London-based software development and service company, works with many clients worldwide. The company was founded in 2004 to provide the best IT solutions to its clients.

The company provides many solutions such as consulting, business solutions and outsourced solutions. E-Wallet services, SEO services, Forex cards, business payments services and many other services are available. This company specializes in banking and financial services, healthcare, legal management, and many other areas.

You can look through the list of top IT companies in London if you’re a business owner looking for consultancy services or products development. These companies can help you if you require a website, an android app, support services, or consultancy for your customers, and many other things. These are the top IT service providers in London.

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