7 Tricks To Make Cheap Shipping For Your E-commerce

Making cheap shipments can mean significant savings for your business if you manage to establish a competitive price by following some tips and tricks. Because saving shipping costs means saving costs for the end consumer, which improves their purchasing experience.

7 tips to make cheap shipments

MyXborder give you 7 easy tips to apply in the shipping chain to achieve excellent results in cost savings. It is possible to achieve a reduction in costs in this matter, we will tell you how.

Properly protect products

It seems obvious, but its importance is so vital that you shouldn’t overlook protecting everything you send. In this way, you will avoid your customer’s complaint due to the arrival of the product in poor condition, which in addition to providing negative feedback for your e-commerce, would incur costs for picking up the order and shipping another product in good condition.

Opt for bubble wrap for any product, even those that are not extremely fragile. It is a cheap and light option.

Correctly label the packaging

Having the correct shipping information for your client is vital to avoid confusion that could lead to subsequent costs. In addition, the labels must be legible so that the transport company does not have doubts when shipping.

To do this, you can opt for manual labels or have a label printer. This second option is recommended if your e-commerce has grown and you have a considerable volume of shipments.

Differentiate between real weight and volumetric weight

The transport company you hire will tell you about their rates taking into account two variables: weight and destination. The weight in kilograms would be the actual weight, but it will also consider the volumetric weight.

This refers to the volume of the package since the carrier has to take into account the space that said package will occupy. Hence the importance of reducing the amount of vacuum included inside as much as possible, which will increase the volume but not the actual weight.

Choose the correct size and packaging material

In direct relation to the previous point is this one, where we recommend that the size of the packaging adjusts as closely as possible to the product to be sent. It is not about compressing the product, but rather ensuring that there is no vacuum inside the packaging.

Furthermore, choosing the correct material will influence the state in which the product arrives, hence its importance. A plastic package for packing a piece of clothing is not the same as a wooden box for something more fragile.

Good packaging presentation

The entire process of shipping a package is an integral part of the customer’s purchasing experience. It is about obtaining positive feedback so that the customer repeats in your e-commerce. For this reason, it is very important to have a good presentation of the packaging, both in its condition and in the inclusion of the brand image.

A broken or damaged box, even if it does not affect the product, does not imply a good image for your ecommerce nor does it represent the care you should take when making a shipment. Additionally, incorporate your logo and elements representative of your brand to improve that experience through packaging.

Shipping comparators

Using a shipping comparator will save you time when choosing the transport company that best suits your needs. You will not need to visit dozens of pages and write down their rates based on weight and volume in Excel, but on the same website, you will have the prices of all those companies that interest you due to their characteristics. This way you will get the best price in a simple way.

Track shipments

Depending on the volume of orders you have, you can perform this action manually or with appropriate software. Its importance affects two aspects: improving the user experience and saving costs on new shipments. Tracking your shipments means knowing their status, whether there will be any delay in their delivery or a possible loss due to causes beyond your e-commerce.

In any of these cases, the solution is to offer some advantage to the customer, such as free shipping for their next purchase.

Choosing the packaging that best suits your product, protecting it and labelling it appropriately, taking into account its volume in addition to its weight and using comparators and tracking software are the keys that will allow you to make cheap shipments and ensure that your customers have a good experience. shopping.


Mastering the art of cheap shipping is a multifaceted endeavour that goes beyond mere cost-cutting. It’s about creating a seamless and satisfying shopping experience for your customers while optimizing your operational efficiency.

By implementing these seven essential tricks, you can not only reduce expenses but also strengthen your e-commerce brand and customer loyalty. Shipping may be an often-overlooked aspect of your business, but when done right, it can be a powerful tool for success.

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