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Elevating Retail with Digital Shelf Tags – Lumina Edge Unveiled

In the fast-paced world of retail, staying ahead requires innovative solutions. Enter Lumina Edge by Hanshow, a groundbreaking series of shelf-edge digital marketing screens. The key to transforming mundane displays into vibrant points of sale lies in the dynamic capabilities of Lumina Edge. With the prominent use of digital shelf tags, this series revolutionizes the retail landscape, providing an unmatched avenue for targeted promotions and a fresh shopping experience.

Unveiling Lumina Edge

Lumina Edge, an LCD screen that seamlessly doubles as a digital price label and dynamic content display, opens new horizons for brands and retailers. The largest screen in the Lumina series, Lumina Max, caters to large displays, ensuring a captivating visual experience for customers.

Seizing Marketing Opportunities

Installation of the Lumina Edge series equips brands and retailers with the power to boost sales through targeted promotions and marketing opportunities. The ability to showcase dynamic video promotions on the shelf edge ensures that customers don’t miss out on enticing deals.

Effortless Installation and Synced Displays

Easy installation, coupled with pre-loaded software and content players, makes Lumina Edge a hassle-free solution. Multiple screens across various shelves can sync content seamlessly, providing a cohesive and engaging shopping environment.

Fast Updates and Creative Possibilities

Integration with backend content management systems facilitates fast and automated display updates. Lumina Edge empowers retailers to categorize promotions, ensuring products receive the spotlight they deserve. The creative video content capability at the physical point of sale enhances sales and brand visibility.


In the era of digital transformation, Hanshow’s Lumina Edge stands as a beacon of innovation, leveraging the power of digital shelf tags to redefine the retail experience. With its easy installation, synchronized displays, and creative marketing possibilities, Lumina Edge is not just a product; it’s a catalyst for efficiency and profit boosting in stores.

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