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LEDMAN Leads the New Trend of Outdoor Waterproof Led Screens

LEDMAN‘s outdoor waterproof LED screens prioritize high protection to ensure reliable performance in any weather conditions. With their innovative G-TILE module design, LEDMAN implements a double waterproof design to safeguard the module and internal wiring from rain and moisture.

Advanced Sealing Technology and Materials

The G-TILE module design incorporates advanced sealing technology and materials, creating a tight seal that effectively prevents water intrusion. This design feature enhances the durability and longevity of LEDMAN’s outdoor LED screens, allowing them to withstand heavy rain, humidity, and other environmental challenges.

A Double Waterproof Design

By implementing a double waterproof design, LEDMAN goes the extra mile to ensure the utmost protection for their LED screens. This design not only protects the modules themselves but also safeguards the internal wiring, preventing any potential damage from water exposure.

Adapt to All Occasions

LEDMAN’s outdoor waterproof LED screens offer versatile solutions for a wide range of applications. Their durability, high visibility, and advanced features make them well-suited for advertising, shopping centers, sports venues, and road instructions, among other fields. Whatever the application may be, Ledman’s LED screens provide reliable and impactful visual communication.


LEDMAN understands the importance of reliable performance in outdoor environments, and their commitment to high protection is evident in their waterproof LED screens. With LEDMAN’s double waterproof design and G-TILE module technology, you can trust that their outdoor LED screens will deliver outstanding performance and durability, regardless of the weather conditions they are subjected to.

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