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DNL’s Innovative 60mm Jockey Wheel: Enhancing Trailer Stability and User Experience

Trailer Jacks play a crucial role in ensuring the stability and ease of use for trailers in various industries. DNL, a trusted brand in the market, offers an innovative solution with its 60mm jockey wheel. Let’s explore the features and advantages that make DNL’s jockey wheel stand out in enhancing trailer stability and providing a superior user experience.

DNL’s 60mm Jockey Wheel: Ergonomic Design for Effortless Operation

DNL’s 60mm jockey wheel is designed with user comfort in mind. The jockey wheel features an ergonomic knob that offers a comfortable grip and allows for effortless operation. This design minimizes strain and fatigue on the user, making the process of raising and lowering the trailer easier and more efficient.

Stability and Durability with DNL’s Tri-corn Rim Jockey Wheel

DNL’s 60mm jockey wheel incorporates a unique feature known as the tri-corn rim. This feature enhances stability by providing a secure support base for trailers. The tri-corn rim design distributes the weight evenly, preventing the jockey wheel from sinking into soft surfaces and ensuring a stable footing even on uneven terrain.


DNL’s innovative 60mm jockey wheel is a game-changer in the realm of trailer jacks. Its ergonomic design, featuring an easy-to-use knob, ensures effortless operation and user comfort. The concise bracket design showcases DNL’s commitment to strength and innovation. With the tri-corn rim feature, the jockey wheel provides enhanced stability and a secure support base for trailers, even on uneven surfaces. The versatility of DNL’s jockey wheel makes it suitable for various trailer types, catering to the specific needs of different businesses. Choose DNL’s 60mm jockey wheel to enhance trailer stability and elevate the user experience in your operations.

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