Asian Handicap – Most Complete Information About Handicap Odds

Asian Handicap is one of the formssoccer betting has high winning rate and large prize amount. However, some Newbies still do not fully understand the basic concepts as well as information about handicaps in betting. Understanding this, the article below by New88 đăng nhập will provide full knowledge related to this type of betting.

Concept of Asian handicap

Asian Handicap is also known as Handicap or Handicap. The purpose of this form of betting is to create fairness and not have too much of a difference between two teams that have differences in form and playing strength.

This type of bet will be calculated within 90 minutes of the match as well as overtime. However, points will not be counted in extra time. Before the football match, the bookmakerNew88 will give a handicap. The participant’s task is to choose a bet and bet the desired amount. If you predict correctly, you will be rewarded according to the rate given by the unit. On the contrary, if you choose incorrectly, the capital in this bet will be lost.

The most complete information about handicap rates in 2024

So, just nowNew88 has compiled basic information about the concept of Asian handicap. Next, to be able to read the odds, the player needs to correctly determine which team is the upper team (Stronger) and the lower team (Weaker). Then, based on the types of odds below to analyze and then place a bet.
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Accept the ball

This is one of the quite popular odds in Asian handicaps. The ball handicap is only valid when in the match the two teams are evenly matched and the number of handicap balls is 0. In this case, the payout method is as follows:

  • You bet on one of the two teams and the corresponding result will result in the player winning the bet and receiving a big reward.
  • If the score between the two teams is a draw, the player will receive a full refund of the original bet.
  • If your prediction is wrong and the team you choose loses, you will lose the entire initial bet amount.

Half ball bet

In this type of Asian handicap, the underdog team is handicapped by 1/4 of the ball. The specific scoring format will be as follows:

  • If the score is in favor of the stronger team and you bet on this team, you will receive the full bonus.
  • The player who bets on the underdog wins if the score favors the weaker team.
  • In case the match score is a draw, the underdog team will win and you bet on this bet and will receive a big reward.

Half a handicap

Half-left handicap is a name that is no longer strange to those who love soccer betting. The format will be that the stronger team accepts the weaker team by 0.5 goals. Prize distribution is as follows:

  • If the match odds favor the underdog team, the player who bets on this gate will win.
  • If the stronger team wins by 1 goal or more, you will receive a reward if you bet on this gate.
  • If the two teams draw, the person who bets on the stronger team will lose and the prize money will go to those who bet on the underdog team.

Handicap 3/4 results

This is also one of the Asian odds that many people like to use. With a 3/4 handicap, the upper team will handicap the team whose performance is 0.75 points weaker. And the way to determine betting rewards is as follows:

  • The upper team will win if the difference is 2 or more goals. If you bet on the weaker team, you will lose money in this case.
  • If the upper team wins with a difference of less than 1 goal, they will only receive half of the original bet amount.
  • In case the stronger team loses or draws, those who bet on the weaker team will receive the full amount.

Handicap bet 1 result

Similar to the above forms of Asian handicap betting, the stronger team will handicap the weaker team by 1 goal. Specifically, the calculation will be as follows:

  • In case the upper team wins by 1 goal, the player will have their bet refunded.
  • If the upper team has a winning score of 2 goals or more, the player who bets on the stronger team will win.
  • In case the match score between two teams is equal, the player who bets on the upper bet will lose.

Handicap bet 1 half coin

With a handicap bet of 1 half coin, the house will give a handicap of 1 – 1.5 for participants to choose to bet on the stronger or weaker team. Specifically, the calculation is as follows:

  • If the higher team wins by 1 goal, the person who bets on the stronger team will lose the bet.
  • If the upper team wins by a difference of 2 results, the player who bets on the stronger team will win and win the entire prize money.
  • If the scoring rate is a draw, the stronger team will lose their bet and the participant who placed the lower bet will receive the entire bonus.

Handicap bet 1 and a half

Similar to other forms of Asian handicap betting, the upper team will handicap the lower team by 1 and a half goals, also known as 1.5 goals. Specifically in this case, the winning team calculation is as follows:

  • If the goal score difference of the upper team is 1 goal, the lower team will win the bet and receive all the money.
  • If the goal score difference of the upper team is 2 goals, the upper team will win the bet and receive all the money.
  • In case the score is tied or the stronger team loses, the underdog team will win the bet and take all the money.

Share tips for choosing effective bets

So, just nowNew88 shared with you detailed information about Asian handicaps as well as the most popular betting odds today. Next, to make the betting process easier and more effective. Below are some super cool tips to help you win big!

  • Grasp information: Players need to carefully learn information about these two teams to be able to easily analyze and make bets such as: Most recent competition history, players, coaches , number of goals, performance, etc.
  • Understand handicap odds: Understanding handicap odds makes the betting process easier. Besides, it will limit confusion between bets and avoid being away from shore.
  • Observe the odds table: Players need to update and observe continuously. Because, they will be constantly changed by the house, before the match or the end, you continuously monitor to adjust to the most appropriate.
  • Participate in betting on international tournaments: When betting on Asian handicaps, players should bet on soccer on major tournaments such as Premier League, Laliga, World Cup, etc.
  • Control your bet amount: To limit losing all your money, you should divide your bet into several games. Besides, you should not play too much because the possibility of going offshore is very large.
  • Don’t bet too early: For this form of Asian handicap betting, you need to calmly observe the game to place a bet. The best time to close a bet is after 1 hour of the match. Now you can observe the performance and will be able to give more accurate betting odds.


Asian Handicap is one form of sports betting that players should not ignore. With easy participation and high payouts. Sign up for Viva to become a member and try your luck!

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