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Why Malaysian Property is a Good Investment

Real estate in Malaysia is booming. Malaysia’s stable and successful economy makes it an ideal real estate investment destination. Real estate has attracted international investment in recent years. This post will explain why investing in Malaysian real estate and the Forest City is a good idea.

Economic Growth

Malaysia’s industrial, service, and tourism sectors have powered its recent economic growth. Malaysia’s GDP rose 6.7% in 2018, according to the World Bank. Growth has increased disposable income and demand for high-quality residential and commercial buildings.

Low Cost

Malaysia has a cheap cost of living despite its booming economy. Since Malaysian real estate offers great value, international investors have flooded the market. Retirees and budget-conscious people love Malaysia’s cost of living.

Government Incentives

Investor incentives from the Malaysian government have been supporting the real estate industry. Foreign investors may buy RM1 million-plus homes in Malaysia without limitations. Malaysia also offers tax incentives to attract real estate investment.

Forest City in Malaysia: A Smart and Green Futuristic City

In 2006, Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Plan created Forest City, a 30km2 metropolitan development on four man-made islands in Johor. The city offers a unique chance to be part of a dynamic that mixes environment, technology, and cutting-edge technology to create an idyllic, technology-driven living and working space ecology. Forest City offers over 9,000 new homes and is ready to welcome new inhabitants with a connected smart island experience that includes innovative living technology, customized service, and community activities. Forest City hosts multicultural activities to promote cultural interactions among its approximately 30 nationalities.


Malaysia’s developing economy, inexpensive costs, and government incentives make it a good real estate investment. Malaysia’s steady economy and cheap cost of living have increased demand for high-quality houses. The Malaysian government offers tax advantages and allows foreign investors to buy properties without limits to encourage real estate investment. Forest City, a smart and green futuristic city constructed by Country Garden Pacificview Sdn Bhd, is a perfect example of the country’s dedication to building innovative living and working environments that attract international investors.

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