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Elevating Construction Efficiency with GETO’s Self-Climbing Scaffolding

GETO, a renowned construction company, presents its innovative self-climbing scaffolding system. Designed to optimize high-rise construction practices, this system offers numerous benefits, including cost savings, enhanced safety precautions, intelligent control, and a streamlined appearance.

One-Time Installation and Cost Savings

GETO’s self-climbing scaffolding system features an integrated platform that requires only one-time installation for the entire construction of a skyscraper. The economic benefits are particularly pronounced for taller structures, with potential cost savings of 30% – 50%. This includes significant reductions in steel material usage, operational costs, and electricity consumption.

Enhanced Safety and Intelligent Control

The Integrated Self-Climbing Platform boasts a sturdy steel structure, integrated operational and safety equipment, low-rise installation for high-rise applications, and fully-enclosed protection settings. Equipped with a microcomputer intelligent control system, it optimizes the operation of each self-climbing frame within the system. This includes lift speed, weight loadings, and adhering to standardized design operations. The intelligent control system automatically detects any overloading or underloading issues and provides alerts for prompt safety actions.


GETO’s self-climbing scaffolding system offers a comprehensive solution for high-rise construction projects. With its simplified and organized appearance, it creates a more effective, safer, and civilized project impression. By incorporating GETO’s patented system, this product combines essential functions such as bearing, anti-falling, anti-tilting, and stabilization. Elevate your construction efficiency with GETO’s self-climbing scaffolding and experience the benefits of advanced technology. Trust in GETO’s commitment to excellence and change your high-rise construction endeavors. Stay ahead of the curve with GETO’s cutting-edge solutions.

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